Here are a selection of wonderful thoughts and poems submitted to Aradia by professional poet Rex Tyler.

Aradia Moon
took its light from a day
in Glastonbury
from the tor
a short way
on a full Leo moon
the light extraordinary
and there so inspired
this perfume, came to be

it evolved in an
aura of magical calm
a benevolent spirit
a whimsical charm
surpassing all thoughts
irreplaceably so
transcending unscathed
into what we now know

a balanced infusion
and intuitive blend
of blossoms and resins
and plant oils
that lend
coherence synergistically
pure mystery
a fullness
a subtlety
brim full of light
its body and soul
exceptionally bright

fragrant, sweet scented
a resinous glow
aradia moon’s
ambrosial flow
resplendent and radiant
mindful devotion
really at its key

a sageness of thoughts
a dowsing creation
romantic of sorts
olfactorial elation
envisage the finest
and what may accrue
when Aradia’s moon
shines directly on you

Imagine for a moment
the senses are inspired
touch and sight and smell
and essential oils desired
the memory, the intellect
the feelings and the soul
are working in a close embrace
routinely to extol
a wonderment of virtue
a salient desire
an awe inspiring perfume
to harness and admire
intuitively regaling
that possibilities
are and can be realised
for her abilities
a goddess she now quietly
picks up on each note
and helps to get it through
the ether it will float your boat
sweep into your brain cells
everyday and night
such delicate emotion
such purity in spite
of what she has before her
such devotion to a task
a perfume crafted from her soul
to help you quietly bask
in the moonlight of the moment
the serenity of Dawn
shadows fall on yesteryear
a field of waving corn
a great uplift of spirit
a sensuous sweet flower
with resinous involvement
and blossoms of the hour
a sweet nosegay of splendour
delights to trap and lift
Aradia essentially
and Claudia’s true gift
is evidenced before you
such wisdom overflows
the beauty of the morning
wrapped up in a rose
the evening spirit captured
in Jasmine’s silent kiss
a world of the olfactory
it is … it is… its bliss


An exquisite emulsion
luscious and light
from petals and plant oils
and resins
insight of the gods
frankincense and rose
lovely and gentle
and a delicate nose
I loved using this
the perfume is sweet
and I don’t think that
anthing else can compete
its just feels so nice
so pleasant to use
it so helps my skin
for me its good news
and I love its bouquet
for me its sublime
layering it
which I do all the time


I have no doubt
that blending
the perfumes
of the Earth
is an art form
an equilibrium
of true and constant worth
for its about understanding
the subtlety around
the resins, gums and
perfumed oils
and treasures of the ground
the leaves, the barks
the roots,
the countryside
and all the gifts
its putting them together
that kind of knowledge lifts
the spirit, for its based on life
on the countryside within
on our feelings, and emotions
which in essence underpin
what is olfactory expression
the scent that makes us feel
a better part of who we are
that makes us feel we’re real
the stillness of the forest
the mosses growing green
the vastness that is out there
where we’ve already been
the fragrance of the blossom
the heady scents of herbs
aromatic seeds and oils
and barks
nothing disturbs
us rightfully for nature
blends its age old charm
as does the bespoke perfumer
creating fire
from calm
understanding nature
the grace
the sense
the soul
the spirit
of ones stillness
that mystical control
to kind of purify
and steadfastly to be
an aromatic booster
created intuitively
Claudia knows the magic
of the Earth
its strata’s, she
is conversant with the forest
with the flowers
and, with the sea
she understands
the makeup
and how and when
plants grow
intuitive and knowledgeable
and her wondrous senses flow
those magnificent aromatic mists
she’s conjured up for me
have made me what I am today
and what I hope to be
Aradian Moon is a perfume
to admire, to love to share
with the truest sense of being
try some in your hair
and let those heady wafting notes
lift you, for they will
and take you on a journey
where great waterfalls do spill
where the air is clean and crisp
and where the mighty condor flies
take a bespoke perfume session
and open up your eyes
and see beyond eternity
just breathe, and rest a while
bespoke perfumes are made with love
an unbelievable style.


Aradia facial Oil
its one of those truly lovely moments
jojoba chosen for its healing
properties, creates
a synergy resembling
our very own rich sebum
that softens almost instantly
and kind of radiates
rich in fatty acids
it lubricates away
dryness and those wrinkly lines
and its esters do allay
rich in vitamin E
which provides a barrier for you
it brightens and its softens
harmoniously and true
it feels very comfortable
and pleasant at its root
a sweet bouquet
of rose and of geranium
and lavender
a day
without this precious liquid
is a day you will forget
for the olfactory experience
in memories are set
personally I love it
it promises so much
distinctively desirable
with a subtlety of touch

Aradia makes for radiant skin
alluring and beguiling
with a silky touch of Frankincense
that’s consciously reconciling
its an anthem in a bottle
its a melody of thought
I value its proclivity
and that is why its sought
after by so many
who know it, and who feel
that its little dark blue bottle
and its roller ball, appeal


Aradia’s new facial cream
it really is sublime
a dimension that is
beyond belief
an eminence in time
enticing natural fats and oils
to an intensity
an abundance
of everything one feels
is perfection naturally
a facial cream
the blending
of visionary worth
this is real
par excellence
procured from Mother Earth