What Aradia Customers Are Saying

About Aradia Anti-ageing Emulsion:

Aradia“A piece of Goddess Magick in a bottle!”

“Wonderful, soothing face cream. I have incredibly sensitive skin and normally can only use Dermalogica products. But as I have got older they have not worked as well and I have been searching for the perfect cream for my face. Aradia’s cream is wonderful. It is lovely to put on, soothing and not greasy in the slightest. The cream soaks into the skin quickly leaving it looking fresh and juicy. I would highly recommend using it and am now an avid fan.” – Mo, London

“Cream Divine! My skin is dry and super sensitive. I have used the Organic Botanics range in the past, but their cream is not nourishing enough for my dry face, so have to smother my face with oils also, then I end up with spots. Now I am amazed to say I seem to have found the perfect cream in the Aradia anti-ageing emulsion. Not only is it highly nourishing, no need for additional oils – yet it feels so light and silky and smooth. For the first time in ages, my face is no longer very sensitive to touch, it is as if this cream has healed some underlying sensitivity and repaired my skin. I have much eczema on torso, arms and legs at the moment, and my skin is in a really bad way, however not on my face. I should invest in a bucket load of this wonderful product and use it over the whole body! Thank you – this cream is really special, one in a million!”
– Katarina, Glastonbury

“It’s time to send in an update to my last testimonial. Having tried all sorts, I am pleased to report these products are much better than, for example Aveda’s entire anti ageing range. Blessed now with another wondrous jar of Aradia face cream and a divine face oil in convenient roller ball bottle, I am pleased to say these have calmed my coupe rose skin right down, lifting and firming, plus make fine lines disappear. The face cream and oil combination is really superb, it works miracles on my complexion – I am quite baffled, is this really me? Gold in a jar!!!”
– Katarine, Glastonbury

“A lovely silky, milky liquid that immediately gives a glow to skin and is instantly softening. Despite its lightness, I think it is quite rich as I still feel the benefits of it in the morning. Particularly good on throat, neck and décolletage.” –  Julia Phillips / Dorset

“I call them my jars of magic. The combination of soothing, hydrating ingredients with the heavenly scents and textures, nourish, calm and protect my skin everyday. The cream is a real multitasker, can be applied to all parts of my face and even adapts to the changing needs of your skin. Very good value as goes along way. My skin can no longer tolerate synthetic brands. True magic in a jar.”
– Zoe, Southampton

“I have been using the Forever Young Beauty Cream for just a week now, and I feel my skin is being nourished inside and out. This cream feels so good to use, and has a lovely gentle smell. I am delighted with results so far.” –  S.Davy. Potten End

“I never write to anyone thanking them for their products but, after using yours, I just have to! I have quite sensitive skin so am careful what I use… I was using a Lush moisturiser but I still found them a bit too greasy. But, WOW, I LOVE your Aradia face emulsion! It’s just beautiful. I’m 44 and this is the first one I truly feel works for me (and people I know have noticed an improvement in my skin).I plan on NEVER being without it! Thank you so much!” – S Gurney, Potten End, Herts

“I am a mature woman wth rather a lot of facial wrinkles since using the anti aging emulsion i have found a difference in my skin it is much softer and wrinkles are not so prominent over the years i have tried so many anti aging creams but the Aradia natural Healing Anti Aging Emulsion is the only one that has done what i wanted so very pleased with this product and the caring and help that Claudia gives to me she has helped me so much.”
Rita, Hemel Hempstead

“The new facial cream gives me a multi dimensional experience, not only does it improve and feel so good on my skin but gives my eyebrows ,side burns and beard, that burnished gold look that I and others adore. The perfume is for me sensational it is clean fresh and epitomises what a feeling of inspiration is.”
Rex Tyler

“I love this cream and it feels fantastic on my face; soft, smooth and nourishing and leaves my skin feeling supple. I used it at Glastonbury festival and it helped my skin withstand the sun, campfires and late nights! I love the gentle fragrance of frankincense and the fact that it’s made with natural ingredients by hand, thank you so much Claudia”
Anna, Glastonbury

“I have just been introduced to your anti-aging cream and my face says it all. The cream feels soft, light and rich and has a beautifully subtle natural scent. I have sensitive skin and have been using the same brand for many years now. This cream is far superior and my skin feels balanced and far more supple. Thank you Aradia for a fabulous product.”

“I have to leave a comment to let you guys know at Aradia that the emulsifying cream is absolutely amazing. I have been using it for 5 days and my skin feels smooth, no oily patches, blemishes or anything. my mother has commented on how very beautiful my face looks…thank you”

“The light mousse: the most wonderful face cream tried ~ I just wanted to rub it into my entire body! Felt weightless on my face, absorbed very easily and at the same time my skin felt totally hydrated and nourished. Loved it!”

“Body milk: I found when I was massaging this into my skin it was like a Goddess ritual! The aromatic smells are so divine, and when I use it before bed I have the best nights sleep!”

About Aradia naturopathy and healing massage:

“I am very active but mature , so the muscles need plenty of attention! I have been visiting Claudia regularly for the past eighteen months ,where I receive taylormade treatment.Claudia’s sympathetic personality and deep understanding of naturopathy make the visits a treat”.
Stuart, Potten End