Aradia’s Facial Oil

An anti- ageing, revitalising facial oil suitable for dry dehydrated or devitalised skin. Also oily and combination skin types which have become dehydrated.

Due to it’s high content of jojoba, vitamin E, apricot kernel and evening primrose oil, it will moisturise lubricate and soften your skin, leaving it smoother and more elastic; supplying it with high levels of essential fatty acids which will strengthen the fragile cellular membranes and act as natural anti-agers.

Because dryness is determined by water loss and not the amount of sebum produced, even oily skins can become dehydrated and flaky. Jojoba oil is the best choice to moisturise both oily and combination skin types as it has the lightest texture and won’t clog the pores or encourage blackheads. If using underneath foundation or mineral powder, allow the oils a little time to sink in before applying the makeup.

Essential oils of frankincense, rose, geranium and lavender have been added for their healing uplifting anti-ageing and revitalising qualities.

2 thoughts on “Aradia’s Facial Oil


    Aradia facial Oil
    its one of those truly lovely moments
    jojoba chosen for its healing
    properties, creates
    a synergy resembling
    our very own rich sebum
    that softens almost instantly
    and kind of radiates
    rich in fatty acids
    it lubricates away
    dryness and those wrinkly lines
    and its esters do allay
    rich in vitamin E
    which provides a barrier for you
    it brightens and its softens
    harmoniously and true
    it feels very comfortable
    and pleasant at its root
    a sweet bouquet
    of rose and of geranium
    and lavender
    a day
    without this precious liquid
    is a day you will forget
    for the olfactory experience
    in memories are set
    personally I love it
    it promises so much
    distinctively desirable
    with a subtlety of touch

    Aradia makes for radiant skin
    alluring and beguiling
    with a silky touch of Frankincense
    that’s consciously reconciling
    its an anthem in a bottle
    its a melody of thought
    I value its proclivity
    and that is why its sought
    after by so many
    who know it, and who feel
    that its little dark blue bottle
    and its roller ball, appeal


    Aradia’s new facial cream
    it really is sublime
    a dimension that is
    beyond belief
    an eminence in time
    enticing natural fats and oils
    to an intensity
    an abundance
    of everything one feels
    is perfection naturally
    a facial cream
    the blending
    of visionary worth
    this is real
    par excellence
    procured from Mother Earth

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